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Design Approach
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Passive Design
B&DArchitects designs highly insulated buildings with plentiful natural light and ventilation that require minimal energy to heat, cool and light. Combined with energy-efficient services, this saves energy, improves comfort and lowers running costs once the building is occupied.

Renewable Energy
Many of our projects feature on-site renewable energy generation, so that the remaining energy demand is met by low-carbon sources.

Water Conservation
We specify spray taps and dual-flush toilets that conserve water when buildings are in use. We often incorporate rainwater harvesting for use to water gardens or for flushing toilets. On many of our projects, living roofs and walls reduce rainwater run-off and promote biodiversity.

We recognize that learning about the building’s sustainable features can be part of the user experience. Natural, local materials - such as slate flooring, lime render and an earth wall - are showcased and promote a healthy living environment.

Materials and Finishes
B&DArchitects selects materials and finishes that minimize waste, chemicals and embodied energy. We choose durable, high-quality materials for longevity, and exploit off-site prefabrication to reduce waste.

For the landscape we select native, drought-resistant plants to encourage biodiversity and conserve water. Further, rainwater recycling can be exploited to water plants. Permeable paving, soft landscaping and roof gardens can help reduce rainwater run-off.

Green Transport
We develop a green transport strategy for every project, providing secure, covered cycle parking for visitors and staff, and showers for staff who walk or cycle.

Social and Economic Sustainability
Our projects promote the social and economic aspects of sustainability by considering income generation and community use. In particular our residential and education projects evolve through community consultation.