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Via Andrea Agnello 20/A 48121, Ravenna, Italy Ph.+39.370.3260075 info@burronidapporto.com

B&DArchitects was set up in Ravenna (Italy) in 2006, by the join-venture of Massimo Burroni and Arturo C. Dapporto.
The practice has the expertise, experience and resources to deliver a wide range of projects across many sectors, and it works globally on cultural, residential and commercial projects providing, solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues, master planning, product and furniture design services for both public and private sectors. The practice is committed to designing responsive buildings that are energy-efficient,environmentally friendly, and that promote the use of sustainable technologies.
Energy efficiency over the life cycle of a building is an important goal at sustainable architecture and we use many different techniques to reduce the energy needs of our projects. B&DArchitects delivers smart cost-effective approaches to building ( also including the advocacy of renewable materials).
Our diverse built portfolio includes apartments, private houses, shops, offices, master plans and retail facilities. The practice has also a strong interest in the design and function of interior spaces, designing shop interiors as well a wide range of furniture.
We are renowned for working to fast track programmes and limited budgets, without compromising quality. Each project is approached with the same challenging mind and the same careful, consistent approach and thorough attention to detail, no matter how small or large.
Our work leads to the creation of individual buildings, that are tailored to the specifics of their site immediately connected to both context and function, realizing individual and sustainable solutions to a wide range of programmes.
Since we consider architecture to be a process of dialogue we intimately involve experts and consultants in every stage of the design process we listen intently, then help our clients focus on their ideas to build exactly what they need.